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Subj: RE: Acts 4:2 readings from D

Clayton Bartholomew has raised a troubling question about the citation of
Bezae (D). Let me gloss his message, below.

>In Acts 4:2 first word appears in several variations:

>kaiaponoumenoi D (Ropes)
>kataponoumenoi D (NA27)
>diaponoumenoi txt (NA27)

>The difference amounts to this: Ropes is citing D* and NA27 is citing a
>corrector of D but not making it evident in the apparatus. Is this a
>common practice in NA27?

>Any comments?

I know of no evidence that the KATA--- reading is a corrector's work.
While it would make sense (different than DIA--), this seems to be a
reading found only in NA27's apparatus.

>Or perhaps Kurt Aland and friends took another look at the manuscript
>and decided that there was a cross bar on the iota so read it as a tau
>and documented it as the original hand of D.

Possible, but I doubt it, since Ropes and many others had studied this word
with some care, and concluded that it might have arisen from a Vorlage
which read KAI DIAPONEUMENOI, which is their interpretation of what is in C
(vid.). Thus this is somewhat like your next suggestion, except that the
Vorlage read DIAPO--, not DAP--. C is apparently their evidence for this.
My reason for mentioning it is not because I think it is the correct
explanation, but simply to show that Ropes et al. looked at this word with
some care. They corrected it to DIAPONOUMENOI in their "text" of D. If
any cross-bar had been remotely visible, I think they would have seen it.

>Has anyone ever suggested that scribe for D had in his vorlage:
> kai daponoumenoi
>and omitted the d? This is an improbable scenario since D seems prone to
>have alternate prepositions in the prefixes of compound verbs. There are
>two examples in Acts 4:2.
>Any comments?

My comments on this are above.
I confess this troubles me-- namely, NA27's citation of D in this way.
They don't cite nonsense readings from D, so this was not a misprint of
KAIAPON--. We need someone with access to the computer in Munster to get
an accurate answer to this one.

>Another question. Are digital images of Codex Bezae currently
>available on the web?

I hope so! Does anyone know?

>Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
>Three Tree Point

Edward C. Hobbs, glossator

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