Acts 8.35 and 40: euangelizo

From: Gregory Bloomquist 3027 (
Date: Fri Apr 25 1997 - 15:12:29 EDT

The NRSV translation of Acts 8.35 appears to make euangelizo +
accusative (ton Ihsoun) = verb + direct object, while it makes 8.40
euangelizo + accusative (tas poleis pasas) = verb + indirect object.
It translates 8.35: [Philip] proclaimed to him (dative) the good news
about Jesus (accusative), and 8.40: he proclaimed the good news to
all the towns (accusative).

Would it not be more correct to translate 8.35: "he preached to him
the Good News about Jesus", and 8.40 "[Philip] passed through all
the towns (accusative) of that region, preaching the good news
[simplicter]", taking the accusative with dierchomenos (as BAGD has
its first choice, though, strangely, not for this verse)?

Am I missing something?

Theology, Saint Paul University / University of Ottawa

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