From: Mike MacKinnon (charis@globalserve.net)
Date: Wed Apr 30 1997 - 21:30:27 EDT

Hello all,

I am working at trying to understand human anthropology biblically.
Genesis 2:7 argues that God created humankind as "living NEPHESH." Now my
question is not about the Hebrew "nephesh," yet it comes from the proper
understanding of what "nephesh" refers to.

The KJV renders "nephesh" as "soul," while most other translations render
it as "being." My understanding of "nephesh" is that it refers to the
human person as an ontological unity of mind, body, soul and spirit.

This is where my question re SWMA, SARX, YUCH & PNEUMA comes in. The NT is
filled with these 4 words in varying contexts. How, might I ask, do these
relate to the human person? What is generally being said of the human
person when these terms are referred to? And how might we understand human
anthropology given these terms? Biblically speaking, what exactly are we?

I ask many questions here, and perhaps the answer might be too long to
comment on. Maybe, if this is the case, someone might refer me to some
resources that tackle this issue in a solid, biblical and yet scholarly

Thanks much,

Mike MacKinnon
M.Div. cand.
McMaster Divinity College
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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