eis to onoma, etc.

From: Trevor Nicholls (tcn@inform.co.nz)
Date: Tue Apr 29 1997 - 17:53:48 EDT


At this stage I know no Greek beyond a basic vocabulary but I hope this
question is not a ridiculous one.

I have been looking at various phrases involving "the name" in the NT and I
would like to know what significance, if any, attaches to the different
prepositions found here. For example, converts were baptised "in the name",
but the phrase varies:

  eis to onoma (Matt 28:19)
  epi tw onomati (Acts 2:38)
  en tw onomati (Acts 10:48)

A similar variety is found with other verbs, eg teaching/preaching in the name
of the Lord. Can someone please enlighten me as to the distinction between
these phrases, whether subtle or otherwise? It surely isn't just a matter of


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