Aorist and Present tense verbs

From: Larry & Beth Hartman (
Date: Thu May 01 1997 - 19:46:10 EDT


        I saw the discussion concerning aorist and present tense verbs.
I had the pleasure of reading a book called, "Life in the Son", by
Robert Shank. He proposed some points concerning present tense verbs
taking an aorist type emeaning (snap shot past tense action), and aorist
verbs taking the continual or repetitive meaning of the present tense.

        I have grave concerns for his audience as much of his theology appears
to proofed by the exceptions to normal Koine Grammatical rule rather
than well founded facts. This is just one of the suggestions he
proposes. In my library is the N.T. Greek in Light of Historical
Research by AT Robertson, and Smyth's Greek Grammmar published by
Harvard. I dont see any such exceptions listed in the sections I looked
at concerning these tenses.

        Is there anyone out there who may know of such a thing and provide some
Scripture references and Linguistic Grammars which point to it. Also am
I too much off the mark concerning this book by Robert Shank?

Larry A. Hartman
Defense Language Institute Alumnus

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