Re: Tense and aspect in English

From: Micheal Palmer (
Date: Sat May 03 1997 - 23:27:57 EDT

At 7:04 AM -0700 4/30/97, Alan Repurk wrote:
>Jonathan Robie wrote:
>> Jim: What are you doing tomorrow?
>> Mary: Well, I *was* going to my brother's house...
>> Jim: How would you like to go horseback riding? I have a friend who has
>> horses, and...
>Would it be too much of a stretch to interpret it as :
>Mary: Well, I *was* [thinking about | considering] going to my brother's

If I were Mary, I would definitely not mean it this way. I would mean,
'Until you asked, I had a definite plan for tomorrow, i.e. going to my
brother's house. Now that you've asked, however, I'm willing to consider
other options.'

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