Dan Wallace Update

From: JFantin@aol.com
Date: Tue May 06 1997 - 15:21:19 EDT

The following paragraph (from Dan Wallace) is forwarded to the list in
response to recent requests for updates on his health.

>After more tests and in spite of a pretty good-sized relapse last night
along with an >ongoing killer headache and nausea, they have decided to let
me go home >tomorrow. That will be day 17 in the hospital. (I didn't know
people could live off >hospital food that long!) The preliminary diagnosis
is that I have a migraine-induced >viral encephalitis. The medication that I
will be getting might just relieve the 25-year >headache that I have endured.
 (I'm on maximum pain-killers right now for a >headache.) As well, it should
take a few months to get my sea legs back. Keep >my dear Pati in your
prayers as this will continue to be a hardship on her.

Dan is grateful for all your prayers. His e-mail address is

Joe Fantin
Ph.D. Student, Dallas Theological Seminary

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