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RevRich wrote:

>I notice that sometimes people include a sentence diagram in their e-mail.
>In my high school, if you played sports (which I did) you got to have the
>coach for English, and you got an "A." Anyway, diagraming was never covered,
>and I have always had trouble with it. Does anybody know of any resources
>(software or otherwise) that would be helpful?


1) please put a signature on your messages so we know who we are talking to...

2) I'm sure this is in the archives somewhere, but to reiterate: I use for
teaching 3rd year syntax a diagramming manual (following the conventions
found in Grassmick, which I personally prefer) by Dr. John Mclean,
available from the GRAMCORD Institute ( It is a tutorial
which uses Philippians as its basis; it starts with a full explanation of
the system, has a set of syntax notes with the various constructions
diagrammed (for future reference) and then presents the student with the
diagram. Gradually parts of the diagram disappear and the student must
supply the lines and/or the words. There is also a full answer key in the
back, as well as syntax/grammar/exegetical notes which follow the diagram
all the way through the book.

3) To obtain printed copies of diagrams of large portions of the NT (done
by John Mclean and yours truly), contact the GRAMCORD Institute.


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