Re: Aktionsart vs.aspect fits

From: roland milanese (
Date: Thu May 08 1997 - 12:24:55 EDT

Hi Larry:

My comment is that the verb translated "gave" implies both a
beneficiary/recipient and a gift. Both recipient and gift are
mentioned in relation to the same verb in Eph 4:7 "he gave gifts to
men." Note that EDWKEN is there followed by the accusative DOMATA and
then the dative TOIS ANQRWPOIS. In 4:11 there are a series of
accusatives following EDWKEN, and they are grouped by the conjunctions
MEN ... DE ... DE ... DE. (When Christ ascended on high) he gave
apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers (to the church).

Hope this helps

Roland Milanese

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