Ephesians 4, and proper attitudes.

From: Larry & Beth Hartman (toolbelt@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Thu May 08 1997 - 23:55:44 EDT

hey folks:

        Thanx for the reply on the Ephesians 4 passage. I will review some
grmmar as a result.

        I would assume that most of us are Christians on this listserver.
As Christians on this listserver our primary goal should always be to
learn more about Christ and His Word. A ministry of this nature will
produce and reveal disagreements, and maybe a person may be
misrepresented or offended unintentionally. Emotions can often run high
as a result and then a snowball effect occurs. As this is a NT Greek
teaching/learning ministry and we are hammering out theory and practice
let us not forget to be longsuffering and patient towards one another so
that we dont lose the focus of this ministry. I see a lot of talent
here and a big need for the Church to be more equipped in this fashion.
Keep up the good work, and remember that in most instances those whom we
must deal with on this e-mail ministry are likely our beloved brethren
and fellow soldiers in Christ, and as such deserve our utmost respect,
love, and grace, even if we disagree.

"The world will know you by your love towards one another."

In Christ,

Larry A. Hartman
Defense Language Instute Alumnus
Department of Arabic Studies

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