Re: Isaiah 52:7(LXX)

From: Perry Wiles (
Date: Fri May 09 1997 - 18:36:19 EDT

Thanks for the reply

Randy Leedy wrote:
> has the following information in its entry on hWS: section IV.
> ("Other uses"), point 6.
> "in exclamations 'how!'" ...

> would the expression have to be recast
> along the lines of "O the beauty of the feet...!"?
> Hope the BAGD citation helps a little, at least.

Thanks. I think the first hWS is probably exclamatory (at least that's
all I've been able to make of it too) but I've been less sure about the
two other occurrences of hWS. Would you see them as exclamatory as well?

Thanks again


Perry Wiles
Moore Theological College
Sydney, Australia

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