Infinitival Clauses

From: Micheal Palmer (
Date: Fri May 16 1997 - 22:57:03 EDT

I already posted the request quoted below, but it was buried deep in a post
about Noam Chomsky which many of you may not have read (for good reason). I
would appreciate any leads you can give me to infinitival clauses in
extra-biblical hellenistic Greek.

I am working on an analysis of infinitival clauses which I began a
couple of years ago. I need examples from the Shepherd of Hermas,
Epictetus, and Josephus (or any other clearly hellenistic text outside the
New Testament), but I don't have access to TLG right now. I'm especially
looking for examples where the subject of the infinitive is expressed
overtly or where at least there are modifiers of that subject stated
explicitly even if the subject itself is not. I already have plenty of
examples from the New Testament.

The problem I'm addressing is the assignment of case to the subject. If any
of you could point me to examples from the extrabiblical hellenistic
sources I would really appreciate it.

Micheal W. Palmer
Religion & Philosophy
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