Re: Reversible translations

From: kdlitwak (
Date: Sat May 17 1997 - 03:36:51 EDT

Lex Kuhta wrote:
> I was hoping kdlitwak could offer us the reference about what the
> translators had attempted because I want to read more about it. It's a
> hot topic at church right now and I want to learn more about the failure
> to back-translate. I could use some good "ammo" on this one right about
> now. Thanks, Lex.
   Ammo?! Sorry I don't have any ammo, not even a light saber. At
12:30 AM, in a stinking hot house, huddled over my computer trying toi
decide where in a paper to refer to an article on Paul's conversion, I
don't have energy to find anything specific. I do know that J.
Fitzmeyer and, I think, M. Black, have both dealth with the possible
Aamaic background of the canonical Gospels. I'm afraid that you'llhave
to look themup and do some research to get "ammo," but I don't think
this subject lends itself to shoot outs. Then again, I'm a doctoral
student and have to nuance things to the piont they almost disappear.
Every month there are fewer and fewer things I know, so I'm not the
right person to come to for ammo.


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