Re: Reversible Translations and Ammo

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Date: Tue May 20 1997 - 06:35:49 EDT

Re: Reversible Translations and Ammo

Lex Kuhta Wrote:

I was hoping kdlitwak could offer us the reference about what the
translators had attempted because I want to read more about it. It's a
hot topic at church right now and I want to learn more about the failure
to back-translate. I could use some good "ammo" on this one right about
now. Thanks, Lex.

For Reversible Translations:

David Crystal's, The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language, Cambridge, 1987
on Page 346, has a short discussion of back translation, with examples.
This reference work is available at most local libraries.

For Ammo:

e.g., 7.62X39 or 9X19

The best source is usually Shotgun News. Lots of good deals on Finnish
Military Ball ammo right now.

Other Ammo:

I think the ammo you want is in several recent back issues of World
Magazine. A very explicit expose of the Gelded Edition of the NIV is
taking place in this publication. Contact them at

Clay Bartholomew
Three Tree Point

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