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Paul F. Evans wrote:

  In other words, is Paul observing that
> in a general sense that others are building on the foundation he has
> laid, or is there someone specific in mind. That is, is the ALLOS
> somewhat emphatic (is that the right term?)?. Paul was having
> problems in Corinth with Judaizers, and I was wondering if this
> construction seems to hint at it, ie. "another (singular) is
> building...." I ask this because he makes reference the possibility
> of sub-std. building materials.

Jim Beale suggested in his reply to this that you may be reading
something into this. I do not think so. Michael Goulder has made a
strong case that Peter is specifically in view in these early
chapters of 1 Cor. I do not have time to rehearse his arguments in
detail here, but briefly the key verse is 4.6 in which Paul explains that he
has 'transferred' (METESXHMATISA) 'these things' (TAUTA), to himself
and Apollos in order that they might learn the meaning of the saying
'Not beyond what is written'. In other words, Apollos is not really
in view - he is used cleverly to stand for Peter in the argument.
Note particularly how it goes on:


'so that you are not puffed up for *one* against *the other*'

If you are interested, you can follow the argument in more detail in
several places. The most important is Michael Goulder's article
'SOPHIA in 1 Corinthians' in NTS 37 (1991), pp. 516-334.

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