From: Will Wagers (
Date: Wed May 21 1997 - 17:23:59 EDT

Greetings B-Greeks,

I have been off the air for a while (and might be again) and have missed
you all collectively and individually greatly. It can be a cold world
without the warmth of comeraderie and heated exchanges of the list.

If anyone is still interested in the Hyperliteral Project, please write.
At the moment I have no way to maintain the pages, but I have continued
to plan and write. Sorry I disappeared so abruptly last year, but my
motherboard (which is still broken) went out on me.

I am working on a hyperliteral translation of Jn 1:1-18. I would like to
interpret doxa as something like "light-image, activated image". I have
found translations of "radiance", "glory", "reflection", all of which
deal in light. The meaning I seek is very much this sort of projection,
but with the addition of an actuation of the image, i.e. light +
something. In other words, I am trying to understand the power and
effect of "glory" as a physical function of activated/coherent light
before (or without) the spiritualization of the concept. Any comments?

If anyone out there has read Greek scientific works dealing with
theories of light or vision (through the third century), their input
might be especially helpful.

In any case, it's nice to be here.


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