Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 06:52:53 EDT

i'm too pressed for time right now to explain and re-explain, so use
dictionaries and catch if you can.

point was pf. pass. sys. lacks luxury of distinct one word forms for other
modes than indic. so, if you wanted to say they may have been saved, you'd have
to do it periphrastically, scil. wci lelumevoi, and this would obviously be
done without any special significand lurking in the wci, and furthermore the
periphrastic tended to substitute for the entire plural of the indicative in
demotic helletistic authors, e.g. leluvtai disappeared as far as some were
concerned and gave way to lelumevoi eici. all this argues absence of any
special significand in the periphrasis.

bearded bill of asheville <>
unca not having approved either whom or thereof.

p.s. might be a good project for some tiro: find all periphrastics in gr. txt
and examine what was done with each one in ancient versions -- danger, however,
that assumptions of significance might be attached to ancient renditions that
will have been simply, slavishly mechanical.

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