Re: goodbye

From: Gregory and Carol Yeager (
Date: Wed May 21 1997 - 21:13:42 EDT

Grace to you all!

Even if Professor Conrad writes to remind us that not all of us be
Christian, if we read the New Testament, then we know that grace is a
good thing, as Martha Stewart might say.

Say, now, I've stumbled upon a neat-o idea for teaching Greek to
youngsters. Tell me what you think. It has to do with those ridiculous
nouns of the first declension that have feminine forms that are really
masculine: ho mathetes, ho prophetes, and so on.
How do I alert my kids to these....grotesque blemishes in the otherwise
pristine koine Greek <g> ? Well, finally I figured it out, after saying
countless times...."remember, this is a noun that has a feminine form,
but it's really masculine....." One of my little geniuses chirped,
"Just like Dennis Rodman!" "Or like Ru Paul <sp?>" suggested another.
And the problem was solved. I didn't think it wise to call them
"transvestite words" but Rodman words is perfect- everyone knows
Now the problem! Where do I find a famous woman who dresses up manwise
and is known for it? A drag-king?

I'm stumped!

Glad to be back,
Gregory Yeager
Tacoma Washington

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