How would YOU like MY JOB?

From: Gregory and Carol Yeager (
Date: Fri May 23 1997 - 01:46:31 EDT

Hey there, Greek fans!

In three short weeks I am outa here, and The Christian Brotherhood
Academy in Tacoma, Washington is going to be out one dazzling and
effective Instructor of Greek and Latin - the last "transvestite"
debacle aside. God help them, but I am determined to join the ranks of
juniors at Luther Seminary in StPaul in the land of frigidness.
Ironically, we will actually have to travel some miles SOUTH (as well as
many miles east) to get there! I've been boning up on my Garrison
Keillor for some time. Uff Da.

So my people here are looking for a geek I mean Greek teacher. Let's
see, it's a struggling private school, so....

Measly pay,
Rotten conditions,
Poor staffing network,
Lousy supply system, you get the picture...

But they have a wonderful vision for the children of inner city Tacoma.
So there's....

Dynamic committed co-workers,
A real sense of purpose,
And some of the most beautiful children on God's green Earth.

I can think of no better reasons to visit!

You know my email, here's my other stuff

Gregory Yeager
3009A Oak St SW
Tacoma WA 98439

The school's number is 253.475.1213

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