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From: Lee R. Martin (
Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 00:43:47 EDT

Brian E. Wilson wrote:
> I am absolutely fascinated that no-one else has yet come up with an
> alternative definition of the distinction between a translation and a
> paraphrase.

Well, I suppose I may as well add my two-cents-worth.

Comparing "paraphrase" to "translation" is like comparing apples to
oranges. They do not belong in the same discussion. Paraphrase is the
attempt to restate a meaning in different words. This principle applies
only within the same language. A translation _always_ states meaning
in different words, because the words come from a different language.
Translation does not move on a continuum of paraphrastic ->
less-paraphrastic, rather it moves on a continuum of equivalence base,
with "word" being on one end and "discourse unit" being at the other
end. Word->phrase->sentence->paragraph->unit.

Even the most "word-based" translation cannot be reverse translated with
accuracy, because of possible synonyms, figures of speech, choices of
syntactical structures.

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