Deconstructing Deep Structure

From: Clayton Bartholomew (
Date: Sat May 24 1997 - 07:31:43 EDT

Deconstructing Deep Structure

The title of this post is more provocative than the question. Richard
A. Young in his Greek Grammar uses a phrase regularly which I would
like to have defined.

The phrase is of the form: *In the objective genitive, the genitive
represents a deep structure object . . .* (p31).

Is it fair or accurate to reword this: *An objective genitive
functions in it's context as an object*?

This is not a question about objective genitives. This is a question
about the phrase *represents a deep structure . . .*; is this another
way of saying *it functions as . . .* or is it really saying a lot
more than this or something entirely different than this?

I am not trying to start an argument about terminology here. I am just
trying to decode what is for me a rather obfuscatious phrase.

I would have sent this question directly to Paul Z. but I could not
locate his e-mail address.
 Clay Bartholomew
 Three Tree Point

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