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Date: Sun May 25 1997 - 01:00:38 EDT

At 8:08 PM -0400 5/24/97, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>At 7:31 AM -0400 5/24/97, Clayton Bartholomew wrote:
>>Deconstructing Deep Structure
>>The title of this post is more provocative than the question. Richard
>>A. Young in his Greek Grammar uses a phrase regularly which I would
>>like to have defined.
>>The phrase is of the form: *In the objective genitive, the genitive
>>represents a deep structure object . . .* (p31).
>>Is it fair or accurate to reword this: *An objective genitive
>>functions in it's context as an object*?
>>This is not a question about objective genitives. This is a question
>>about the phrase *represents a deep structure . . .*; is this another
>>way of saying *it functions as . . .* or is it really saying a lot
>>more than this or something entirely different than this?
>I would not want to claim to be reading Young's mind, but I think he's
>saying that an objective genitive dependent upon a verbal noun implies a
>hidden clause whose verb represents the verbal noun and whose object
>represents the objective genitive. Sorry if I'm jus stating the obvious,
>but that's what I *think* he means.

I hadn't read Carl's response to Clayton before writing my own, but Carl is
absolutely right. If Young is using the term 'deep structure' in the way
that it was used by the proponents of Generative Semantics, then this is
exactly what he means.

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