Re: Improbable Probability Statements

From: Mike Luper (
Date: Sun May 25 1997 - 09:48:07 EDT

Paul Dixon wrote (some omitted):

> The whole matter of mathematical statistical probabilities is
> fascinating. I am not aware if it has been applied by some, but it
> would be interesting to find out.

There is a book published in the SBL Dissertation Series (#120) by
Kenneth J. Neumann, _The Authenticity of the Pauline Epistles in the
Light of Stylostatistical Analysis_, in which the use of statistical
analysis is used to determine the authenticity of the disputed Pauline
letters. Neumann arrives at the conclusion that "All disputed letters .
. . are assigned to the Pauline group." Interestingly, in the initial
acknowledgements section Neumann thanks a professor in the Dept. of
Mathematics "who made himself available on several occasions for
consultation on the statistical procedures."

Anyone with interest in the area of statistics and mathematical
probability may want to take a look this work.


Michael Luper M.B. Biblical Seminary Adj. Faculty, New Testament

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