Rom. 9:3

Date: Tue May 27 1997 - 00:19:19 EDT

Greetings, B-Greekers....

Perhaps, as a seminary student, I should be able to parse this word in my
sleep, but ... this evening I was working my way through Rom. 9:1-13. Verse
3 begins with a variant. The Nestle-Aland text has eeuchomeen (ee = eta,
in good Dutch fashion), while the Majority text has euchomeen. (I don't
think N-A even notices the variant.)

Eeuchomeen is the 1 sing impf. ind. dep. ... but what would euchomeen be?
 The ending is 1 sg. impf. ind. dep ... but it's missing the augment? Very
puzzling, says I.

And ... is it just me, or are these verses a bear to diagram? I can follow
Paul's thought, but when I try to do diagrammatical analysis, I lose it.

Any help you can give with this word in v. 3 or with diagramming -- hey! any
help you can give on this passage as a whole -- would be greatly appreciated.


John Barach

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