Re: Totally off-topic: JBL footnote formatting question

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Mon May 26 1997 - 18:22:53 EDT

Ken Litwak asked:

I"m expected to use JBL formatting guidelines but I've come across a
case where neither in the printed info for contributors nor in the
latest issue of JBL I just flipped through, I can't find an example for
citing a whole book which is a collection of essays but different
authors with two editors. Specifically, can anyone tell me the JBL
format for
Craig A. Evans and James A. Sanders, editors, Paul and the Scriptures of
Israel(JSNTSup 83; Sheeifled: Sheffield Acamdeic Press, 1993).
I know what to do for an individual essay in a book like this, but not
how to cite the whole book. Thanks.


The formats are two.

In footnotes, give it just as you did it above (with spelling corrections).

In bibliographies, the book-editors are given as:
        Ed-1-Lastname, Ed-1-Firstname-etc., and Ed-2-Firstname-etc.

Thus yours would be;

Evans, Craig A., and James A. Sanders, editors, _Paul etc........

(Its a good book, with a good position, by a great scholar and one of his
fine students!)

Edward Hobbs

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