Re: Passive Infinitive in John 3:30

From: Stephen C. Carlson (
Date: Mon May 26 1997 - 22:56:30 EDT

At 11:31 5/26/97 +0100, Jim Beale wrote:
>>>Since EME is in the accusative, and ELATTOUSQAI is passive, I
>>>wondered why this verse is invariably translated as if the
>>>nominative and the active voice were present?
>Mounce tags ELATTOUSQAI as passive. The only other non-active
>infinitive in John is in 3 John 2, which is similar in syntax to
>this case, SE EUODOUSQAI. I think this is passive. Does the
>presence of the accusative help to decide whether the middle or
>passive is in view?

This particular aspect of your original question was not addressed,
but the reason why EME is in the accusative has nothing to do with
whether the infinitive is middle or passive. EME is in the accusative
because it is an explicit subject of an infinitive (regardless of

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