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Date: Tue May 27 1997 - 12:51:18 EDT

ain't done with all washing yet, but saw almost more floundering on b-greek on
elattouc0ai=elattusthae this a.m. in 30-40' than i can straighten out in 10'.
pretty cocky, huh? just read and judge.

1.the biggest problem's to find ways to jog novices' minds into awareness that
ancient words don't normally, really have any equivalents in english, although
within given settings they deceptively seem to approximate a fair

2.two of the possible means of said jogging will have been:
a.to illustrate diachronic (long term) changes in english usage, as where i'd
now say "i like it," down at the globe they would have said "it liketh me,"
because earlier 'like' meant something akin to 'please'.
b.never miss a chance to shock or jar with some outlandish claim, as that utor
is not really deponent and does not 'take' the ablative at all, but is a true
passive 'am benefitted' and is followed by ablative of means. (of course, this
simply expands mind as giving background of situation -- similar to the
disappearing causative nopeuw = porevo in earlier greek, with the continuance
of nopeuomai = porevomae.)

3.punchline of this 10': now to come to a touchstone regarding this here middle
<-> passive determination, by saying, folks, one thing you can do's really
simple, namely, watch what happens in use of the aorist and the future where a
difference in form prevails, because what happens there in voice will probably
be happening in the tenses that lack a formal distinction. presto, gals, that's
all there is to elattouc0ai = elattusthae.

(no. doesn't matter if lsj puts med. or pass. or who looks up usage in moulton
and geden and finds some uncompelling reference. you have to do what has to be

4.here you don't even need to bother with global searching apostolic fathers or
josephus for ejllatwqh. you can just glance at hatch and redpath and see, not
only the background hebrew at a glance, but, staring you in the face:

1 kingdoms (=sam.) 2,5
psalm 33=34,10
jeremiah 37=30,20
ezekiel 24,10

occasionally i see a real hellenist like smyth quoted on b-greek and that
encourages me. fare well &
bearded bill of asheville <bthurman@unca.edu>
unca not having approved either whom or thereof.

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