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Date: Wed May 28 1997 - 00:47:46 EDT

At 11:54 PM -0500 5/26/97, roland milanese wrote:
>Michael, Jonathan, and friends:
>I am still wondering about Luke 7:8 and would like to offer another
>translation of the *imperfects* for your consideration:
>and I say to this one, Go and *he is on his way,* and to another, Come,
>and *he is on his way,* and to my servant, Do this, and *he is on the

This translation DOES manage to get linear time (action) into the picture,
but imperfective aspect is not dependent upon doing that, since linear time
is not identical to imperfective aspect. Still, your translation does
provide an interesting way of looking at the statement the centurion is
making and fits well with the way the text (the wider context) portrays the
motivation for the statement. The centurion is emphasizing his own
authority as a way of showing his respect for (and faith in) Jesus'
authority to heal.

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