Friberg text and Tim Friberg's e-mail address

From: Ulrik Petersen (
Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 18:08:43 EDT

Dear all,

I need to get in touch with Timothy Friberg (who made the Analytical
Greek New Testament). Does anyone have his e-mail or snailmail
address? Or know his whereabouts so a search on the Internet could
reveal the information I need?

Also, does anybody know where to get the Friberg 2 text with
grammatical tags in text-only format at a resonable price?

I have heard that Linguist's software carries this text, but the WWW
page only says "NT with grammatical tags", i.e. they don't advertise
with the Friberg name, and the price is a bit high due to the font
which one must buy alongside. Can anyone confirm that this really is
the Friberg 2 text?

Thanks in advance,

Ulrik Petersen
Student of Computer Science and Mathematics,
University of Aarhus, Denmark

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