Re: Observations on Ancient Greek Voice (LONG!)

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Tue May 27 1997 - 21:30:18 EDT

Carlton Winbery wrote:

I have a resources file that I save worthy post into, especially when I can
be informed by them and can profit from them in future writing projects
(not that I would plagarize them but be kept from error). Carl's post on
this topic is well worth saving. I would hope that he might write an
Historical Grammar of Greek that would make his thinking (intuitions)
available on such subjects.

I say Amen! to that! Both Carlton and I have written grammars of the Greek
of this period (in his case, two), and I have to confess that Carl Conrad's
posts on Voice far surpass anything I have ever managed. I dread the
thought of his wisdom not finding permanent expression in at least a
monograph. After all, Moule wrote a book of his thoughts on Greek grammar,
not a complete grammar but simply the things he had ideas about, and it
has found a ready audience among many. I find Carl's posts have more
weight than Moule's Idiom Book, and count myself blessed to be able to read
them on B-Greek, free of charge.

Edward Hobbs

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