Re: Observations on Ancient Greek Voice (LONG!)

From: Rod Decker (
Date: Wed May 28 1997 - 08:46:40 EDT

Thanks, Carl, for a lucid statement re. voice.

>From your diachronic perspective (which I know you enjoy), how has the
function of voice changed, if at all, from classical to koine?

Somewhere I got it in my head that what I recognize in your description (at
least in part) was true in classical, but that the function of the
middle/passive forms was in process of change by koine times. Spec., that
the reflexive and/or self-interest nuance of the classical middle was
nearly gone in the hellenistic/koine Greek of the NT. The result is that
middle forms are very little different in meaning from active forms; the
passive, as you indicate, being marked in the context (hUPO, etc.)

I cast about briefly to see where I might have picked up this concept, but
only note somewhat related ideas in Moule (24, who also refers to Brugmann
and Moulton) and Mounce (224-5).

I've not followed the previous threads on this topic (too busy with the
dissertation), so perhaps you've already touched on this?


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