Re: John 21:15

Date: Fri May 30 1997 - 17:02:10 EDT

Dear Carl,

You wrote:
                                by which I don't mean that the author
intended it to be ambiguous (though I wouldn't rule that out in Johannine
literature, where we have what many think is a deliberately ambiguous
ANWQEN in Jn 3:3),



        HUDWR ZWN


        MENW/MONH/MONAI (one of most important)

.....etc., etc., etc.

In my introductory lecture on John, I always include PUNS as one of the
Fourth Evangelist's main literary devices (along with Cryptic Remarks,
Stupid Characters, and Dialectic). (Of course, in honesty, puns are a sub-
device under Cryptic Remarks.)


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