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Date: Mon Jun 02 1997 - 07:26:49 EDT

Andrew Low wrote:
I'm sorry if this is either an old or an obvious issue, but I've been
puzzled by the phrase E)N XRISTW=I . . . Romans 3:24, 6:11 . . .


Paul uses this phrase more than 70 times. It is unsafe to assume that he uses it
concordantly so I will respond to Romans 3:24, 6:11 only.

In Romans 3:24, 6:11 EN CRISTW appears to be positional. But this positional use is a
metaphor for something else. The *language* issue, however, what does EN mean in these
contexts, is not beyond solution. EN CRISTW is referring to a place.

What the metaphor means is a separate issue and you will need to consult the literature
for that. Any treatise on Paul's theology or any respectable commentary will treat the
subject. This metaphor has been the subject of much discussion and you will have no
difficulty finding things to read.

 Clay Bartholomew
 Three Tree Point

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