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> I think the assertion that all perfect m/p ptcs. are passive is absurd, but
> I personally think that in Rom 9:22 KATHRTISMENA probably IS passive
> than middle. It looks to me like Chrysostom wants to interpret the phrase
> in an Arminian fashion (anachronism acknowledged). Despite my own powerful
> Arminian tendencies, I really do think that Paul is making a particularly
> powerful predestinarian assertion here.

I agree. It would be wrong to speak of grammar alone here, as if grammar
solved all our exegetical problems. The context aids us here. 9:21 speaks
of God making two kinds of vessels, and 9:23 speaks of Him preparing us as
vessels of mercy and prepared for glory. The context, therefore, indicates
that the vessels have been made by God for a purpose (v. 21) and suggests
that the passive reading in 9:22 is best.

John Barach
Unemployed Seminary Graduate Seeking a Call =)

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