From: Norbert Bollow (
Date: Mon Jun 02 1997 - 09:14:28 EDT

As Majordomo maintainer at, I have the pleasure to announce
the following new mailing list:

The GREEK-QUESTIONS list is for discussing questions about the interpretation
and application of the meaning of the Greek text of the Biblical writings.
Discussions will be about the Greek text of the New Testament most of the time,
but occasional discussion of the Greek text of the canonical books of the Old
Testament is welcome, too.

Subscribers will find the discussions on GREEK-QUESTIONS useful for sermon
and lesson preparation, for personal insights into the meaning of the
Greek text of the Biblical writings and for learning or refreshing their
knowledge of the Greek language. While it will be necessary from time to
time to discuss Greek grammar and syntax on a technical level, the
discussions on GREEK-QUESTIONS should primarily be on a non-technical

To subscribe: Send the command "subscribe" in the body of an e-mail message

The moderator of GREEK-QUESTIONS is Jim McMillan <>.

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