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Frantz Iago <>, a fellow-Mennonite who apparently works for
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>Where can I get the Loyola one?

Here are the blurbs on Zerwick's Grammatical Analysis and Grammar from my
"Little Greek Home Page" at The 800 number is
listed with each blurb.


Biblical Greek Illustrated By Examples, Maximilian Zerwick, S.J., translated
from the Latin by Joseph Smith, S.J.. Roma. Editrice Pontificio Istituto
Biblico, 1994.

This very slim book has extremely clear, simple explanations. Better yet, it
is keyed to a verse-by-verse grammatical analysis which tells you exactly
which article to turn to in the grammar when you are looking at a difficult
construction in the Bible. Highly recommended. I bought both books from
Loyola University Press: (800) 621-1008.


A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament, Max Zerwick and Mary
Grosvenor. Rome: Biblical Institute Press, 1981. ISBN 88-7653-588-8

This book explains the difficult vocabulary and grammatical constructions
for each verse in the New Testament. The explanations are concise and
helpful, and grammatical constructions are indexed to Zerwick's Biblical
Greek, a good intermediate grammar.

I bought both books from Loyola University Press: (800) 621-1008. Highly
recommended - I use this almost every day.


Hope this helps!


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