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Date: Tue Jun 03 1997 - 07:09:17 EDT

Dear all

I have just had a look at Jonathan Robie's 'Little Greek Home Page'
which I greatly enjoyed. I will recommend it to students starting
out on Greek.

I am curious that I never see anyone on this list refer to the
introduction to NT Greek that has seen me, and a couple of
generations of British university students, throught the early

J. W. Wenham, *The Elements of New Testament Greek* (Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 1965).

Are people on the list familiar with this book? If so, I would be
most interested to hear whether people think it a good introduction
as I am still using at as the students' first text book here.

My own impression is that it is the best available introduction,
though it is beginning to look a little long in the tooth. I wrote
an article on it recently, '"Wenham": An Appreciation of *The
Elements of New Testament Greek*', *Evangelical Quarterly 69 (1997),
pp. 3-6. This was written largely as a tribute to the man - I was
greatly privileged to have John Wenham as a friend late in his life
and was sad to hear of his death at the beginning of 1995.

Does anyone have any thoughts on 'Wenham'? Should I be progressing
onto a more modern introduction?

Good wishes to all


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