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Date: Tue Jun 03 1997 - 13:03:10 EDT

On Tue, 3 Jun 1997, Carlton Winbery wrote:

> One of the real pleasures of my year in Oxford (83-84) was "eating" tea
> with John Wenham on Sunday afternoon fortnightly.


> As to his Greek beginning grammar. As traditional grammars go, it is a
> good one and has been widely used among English students outside the US.
> There are two reasons, I think, why it has never been widely used in the
> US, maybe three. 1) Most teachers of Greek in the US have felt that
> accents, while not of primary importance, are important. I would add that
> for those Greek students I have taught, they seem to have less trouble with
> them if introduced to them at the very beginning. 2) Wenham's book is very
> traditional. For this type grammar, Machen has been hard to beat.

I began NT Greek with Goetchius. Later I taught using Machen, Kaufman,
and now Wenham. I prefer either Machen or Wenham for these reasons:
1) the books are Derek Kidner style (concise and to the point), 2) either
book is a complete unity; you don't need an additional workbook, 3)
Wenham's grammar is especially good because it has a beginning section on
English grammar (very helpful for those not up on their grammar) and a
superb set of indices containing vocab, summaries, dictionary, LUW chart,

Paul Dixon


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