Re: Revelation 1:8

From: Dan Deckard (
Date: Thu Jun 05 1997 - 15:37:10 EDT

Chuck wrote:
>>Could someone shed light on who is being spoken of in Revelation 1:8
Jehovah God or Jesus Christ?

     In my study of this particular text I came to the conclusion that this
is a reference to God (the Father) for two reasons: first, the designation
"o wn kai o hn kai o ercomenos" has already been used of God in verse 4 as
distinct from Christ in verse 5 (there are, however, similar titles applied
to the Son in other places); second, the title "pantokratwr" throughout the
book of Revelation seems to be used exclusively of God not the Son (if my
memory serves me correctly).

Hope that helps.

Dan Deckard
Trin. Evang. Div. Sch.

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