RE: Punctuation in Greek Unicals

From: Stevens, Charles C (
Date: Thu Jun 05 1997 - 14:23:33 EDT

Clayton Bartholomew writes, in part:

>There is no substitute for looking at these documents. Metzger has a
>book of facsimiles
>you might be able to acquire through Inter-library loan. I don't have
>the exact title,
>something like *Manuscripts of the NT*, Bruce M. Metzger. His book
>called *The Text of
>the NT* is not what your looking for, it has facsimilies but they are

I don't have ready access to such a library, but would be interested in
obtaining such a book for my own library. Does it contain complete
facsimiles of all of the included MSS, or just representative exceprts?
Exact for-sure title? Is it still in print? Publisher, etc.?

    -Chuck Stevens [SMTP:]


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