Help in finding article

From: Leo Percer (
Date: Fri Jun 06 1997 - 11:26:40 EDT

Hello Greekophiles:

I need help in locating an article, and I haven't had much luck through
traditional sources. Does anyone out there know of a journal called
"Proceedings of the Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society"? If so, and if
your library stocks, can you tell me the possibility of getting an article
by David L. Barr entitled "The Reader of/in the Apocalypse: Exploring a
Method"? It should be in volume 10 (1990) issue of the journal. I think
it starts around p. 79. I really need this article for a section of my
dissertation, I thought I had it and now can't find my copy! Thanks for
any leads you all can give me!


Leo Percer

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