Re: Logic biblical?

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Sat Jun 07 1997 - 16:17:32 EDT

Eric wrote:

>>Is there a way this discussion of whether "logic" is a biblical concept
>>or value can be steered in the direction of becoming a discussion about
>>Biblical Greek grammar or exegesis or interpretation?

Carl wrote:

>Apparently not, Eric. I unleashed it by foolishly violating my own
>principle of avoiding theological issues except when they are inescapably
>at the core of the Greek of a passage under discussion. I deeply regret
>having done so, not because I've abandoned my thinking on the subject, but
>because sides are being drawn in a partisan contention that is theological
>at the core rather than as you describe, about Biblical Greek grammar or
>problems of exegesis or interpretation arising from the Greek text--and
>this is really not the appropriate forum for that contention." My apologies
>to the list.

Jim wrote:

I personally think that there ought to be room for such things
occasionally, as long as they don't dominate the list.


Edward Hobbs now:

For the first time on this List, I am impelled to intervene, as Chairman of
the B-Greek Staff. The Staff has had to intervene a few times hitherto,
primarily to stem flaming, and has had to invite some persons off the List
who could not abide by our basic code of behavior. But this time it is a
matter of the boundaries of discussion-topic, and before things become more
serious, I must make a judgment.

The B-Greek List is for discussion of Biblical Greek and the Greek text of
the Bible, especially of the New Testament.

While the edges of this subject may be fuzzy at times, it is clear that
many matters dear to the hearts of some posters belong elsewhere.
Personally, I am extremely interested in fine wine; but that is for
discussion elsewhere, not on this List. Philosophy (I was professor of
philosophy of medicine for many years, and love the field) is for other
Lists, not this one. And theology, other than the issue of the theological
content of particular writings in the NT, belongs elsewhere. Hermeneutics
as such, also dear to my heart (I was also professor of hermeneutics,
strangely enough), belongs elsewhere.

Such topics as Greek voices and tenses and cases fall into what could
become a grey area; but our posts have tended to stay close to the actual
interpretation of the Greek text. If they move too far toward the more
theoretical issues of grammar, they of course belong on the Hellenistic
Greek Linguistics List.

So let me ask that discussions of logic be conducted privately, or on some
other List than the Biblical Greek List.


Edward Hobbs

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