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Date: Wed Jun 11 1997 - 12:26:17 EDT

At 4:03AM 6/11/1997, in response to my query
>My current idea for this inscription is "INA MEGALUNQHI H TOU QEOU
>DOCA", presuming, of course, that my guess is correct. Is this good
>idiomatic Koine? What corrections should I make (idiomatic and

Carl W. Conrad responded:

It's grammatical but it seems redundant to me. I'd make it simply "hINA

Just out of curiosity: are you trying to turn the Latin phrase "AD
DEI GLORIAM" into Greek? And has this any relationship to your question
about the alternative comparative form MEIZOTEROS?

Thanks for the response. Yes, this is all part of my efforts to come up
with an idiomatic Koine Greek version of the nonscriptural "AD MAJOREM
DEI GLORIA", and yes, I discovered the MEIZOTEROS form as part of that
search. While I was originally searching for an idiomatic "to[ward]
the greater glory of God" (for which Jim Beale suggested PROS THN TOU
QEOU DOCAN MEIZONA), I would also think "that God be [more greatly]
glorified" (hINA DOCASQHI [MEIZONWS] hO QEOS?)would work. The lexicon
in Berry's Interlinear has for MEGALUNW "(1) to make great, Matt 23:5;
(2) to magnify, extol, celebrate with praise, Luke 1:46; Acts 5:13.", so
I would not have a problem with something like "that the glory of God be
magnified" as I would translate hINA MEGALUNQHI hH TOU QEOU DOCA. I
would prefer not leaving the "DOC.." root out of the text, so that I
might pay at least nominal homage to "GLORIAM" in the original Latin
phrase I was trying to paraphrase.

Is there a *stock* Greek phrase corresponding to the Latin "AD MAJOREM

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