Re: Gospel of Mark and EUQUS

From: Matthew Johnson (
Date: Wed Jun 11 1997 - 16:31:58 EDT

Conrad writes:
Readers who are (if they read Mark's gospel at all) shocked when they turn
from a sonorous KJV or relatively smooth RSV or NRSV translation of Mark to
the Greek of Mark and find a lively, even abrasive style there might do
well to look at Daryl Schmidt's Jesus Seminar translation of Mark (you'll
find it worth looking at regardless of your personal assessment of the
Jesus Seminar). Not everyone will like it, nor will everyone agree that it
captures the quality of Mark's Greek style, but I'm one who thinks it does.

To which I reply:

Another translation that preserves something of this lively arasive style is
Richard Lattimore's.

Those list members who cannot stand anything even remotely connected with
the "Jesus Seminar" might want to look at Lattimore's "The New Testament"
instead, even though Lattimore himself admitted he was a classicist, not a
New Testament scholar.

Matt J.

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