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Date: Wed Jun 04 1997 - 07:46:11 EDT

For convenicence in testing the results of our theories as to what
constitutes a Greek sentence, I have included below a "hyperliteral"
translation of Romans 8 with all the punctuation and capitalization
and paragraph divisions stripped out. I have preserved the
verse numbers for reference' sake.

For Mark O'Brien's approach, see esp. vv. 33-34 for what seem to
be sentences without verbs "god the one vindicating" or "christ
jesus the one died or rather got raised who is at god's right and
who intercedes on our behalf".

For Micheal's approach, note the plethora of connectives between
what most people ordinarily regard as separate sentences. By his
rule, if I understand it, there is a sentence break in the middle
of v. 3, another at the beginning of v. 16, and then some more
(depending on what you regard as non-breaking connectives) in
vv. 31ff.

One can of course argue that this is not a fair test since English
doesn't have the disambiguating case endings that KOINE provides,
but I believe the same difficulties would be entailed by a similar
exercise in Greek.

I wonder if the sentence divisions (and even the question mark in
at least some texts of v. 1) were preserved by oral transmission
(vocal inflection) in the early days of UNCIAL texts?


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1consequently now no guilty verdict for the ones in christ jesus
2because in christ jesus the law of the spirit of the life freed you
from the law of the sin and the death 3because the incapable of the
law in that it kept being incapacitated through the flesh god sending
his own son in a likeness of a flesh of sin and concerning sin found
the sin guilty by means of the flesh 4so that the upright action of
the law could be fulfilled by means of us the ones who don't keep
going around in accordance with flesh but in accordance with spirit
5because the ones being in accordance with flesh wish for the things
of the flesh while the ones in accordance with spirit the things of
the spirit 6because the tendency of the flesh death while the tendency
of the spirit life and peace 7therefore the tendency of the flesh
hostility toward god because it doesn't subordinate itself to god's
law because it isn't even able to 8yet the ones being in flesh aren't
able to please god 9yet you're not in flesh but in spirit if indeed a
spirit of god's is making its home in you yet if someone doesn't have
a spirit of christ's such isn't his 10yet if christ in you while the
body dead because of sin yet the spirit life because of uprightness
11and if the spirit of the one raised jesus from among dead is making
its home in you the one raised christ jesus from among dead will also
give life to your mortal bodies through his spirit in you making its
home inside 12so consequently brothers we are debtors not to the
flesh to keep living in accordance with flesh 13because if you're
living in accordance with flesh you're going to die while if by spirit
you're getting the practices of the body killed you will live
14because however many are being led by a spirit of god's these are
sons of god 15because you didn't receive a spirit of slavery again to
fear but you received a spirit of adoption by means of which we shout
abba the father 16the spirit itself testifies together with our spirit
that we're children of god's 17yet if children also heirs not only
heirs of god but also heirs together with christ if indeed we're
suffering together so that we can also have aura made for us together
18because i reckon that the sufferings of the present moment not
deserving compared to the aura going to be unveiled for us 19because
the focused purpose of the created structure is looking forward to the
unveiling of god's sons 20because the created structure got
subordinated to the pointlessness not of its own accord but because of
the one subordinating on expectation 21since the created structure
itself will also be freed from the slavery of the decay into the
freedom of the aura of god's children 22because we recognize that all
the created structure groans together and has labor pains together up
until the present 23yet not only but also ourselves who have the
first-harvested portion of the spirit we ourselves also groan within
ourselves looking forward to adoption the redemption of our body
24because we got saved in the expectation yet an expectation being
seen is not an expectation because what someone sees why is he
expecting too 25yet if we're expecting what we don't see we're looking
forward to it through endurance 26yet in the same way too the spirit
pulls together in our debility because we don't recognize the thing
that we can pray for in accordance with what we have to 27yet the one
investigating the hearts knows what the tendency of the spirit that it
intercedes in accordance with god on behalf of saints 28yet we
recognize that for the ones treasuring god all things work together
for good for the ones who in accordance with a plan are invited 29that
whom he got to know beforehand he also pre-appointed conformed to the
image of his son for his being a firstborn among many brothers 30yet
whom he pre-appointed these he also called and whom he called these he
also vindicated and whom he vindicated these he also made aura for
31so what shall we say with respect to these things if god for us who
against us after all who didn't spare his own son 32but handed him
over on behalf of us all how will he possibly not grant us all things
together with him 33who will indict god's selected god the one
vindicating 34who the one who will convict christ jesus the one died
or rather got raised who is at god's right and who intercedes on our
behalf 35who will separate us from the treasuring love of the messiah
hardship or stress or persecution or a famine or nakedness or danger
or a sword 36in accordance with how it has been written that for your
sake we're being killed the whole day we got reckoned like sheep for
slaughter 37but in all these we more than conquer through the one who
treasured us 38because i have become convinced that neither death nor
life neither messengers nor rulers neither things present nor things
coming nor powers 39neither height nor depth nor any other created
structure will be able to separate us from god's treasuring love the
one in christ jesus our master

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