Thiering Conjecture noch einmal

From: Jim Oxford (
Date: Wed Jun 18 1997 - 10:20:09 EDT

For those interested in pursuing this matter any further, I recommend a
monograph by a friend of mine, Rainer Riesner (coauthored with Otto Betz),
entitled (the English edition) "Jesus, Qumran, and the Vatican," (NY:
Crossroad, 1994). To my knowledge, this is the most extensive scholarly
critique of Thiering's work.

Thiering's case is set forth in "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea
Scrolls: Unlocking the Secrets of His Life Story" (SF: Harper Collins,
1992). Note especially Appendix IV (beginning p. 378) "Notes for the
Pesharist," where she propounds her guidelines for understanding the
interpretive technique found among the Qumran Scrolls known as "Pesher."
As Jeffrey Gibson stated earlier, scholars who entertain her conjectures
disagree with her treatment and understanding of the type of interpretation
known as Pesher.


Jim Oxford, Jr.
PhD candidate in Religion
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