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 6/18/97 8:56 AM
Thanks for this explanation on this theory as well as the succint sources.
I personally like ones from the 5th century and look forward at looking
at them further. I wonder if there are such explanations for the
other theories on His geneology. It certainly is not of utmost
importance as salvation of the lost is much more important;
however, it sure is interesting and several motivating points
can be made for supporting the inerrancy of Scripture (which I am
very determined about by faith).
Thanks again,

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To: Lance Crimm
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>=A0I was wondering what the general consensus is out there on the
>=A0difficulty of different geneologies of Jesus.
>=A0Is Matthew's Joseph's and Luke's Marys?
>=A0Or is it the fairly recent thing I heard that perhaps Joseph was
>=A0adopted and he goes back to DAvid both ways?
>=A0Or is it something else? I would tend to think it is important for us=

>=A0to figure out since the Bible has it in there.

 As a newbie to this list, may I interject what may answer Lance's question=

 The late Principal J Stafford Wright wrote concerning the genealogies of

 "The simplest explanation is that the genealogy in Luke 3 is that of Mary,=

 since the early chapters of Luke's Gospel are clearly written from Mary's
 point of view. In Luke, Jospeh is the son of Heli [some prefer the spellin=
 Eli], whereas in Matthew's Gospel he is described as the son of Jacob.

 "Let us suppose, then, that Mary's father was Heli. Mary had a sister; we
 are=A0told that 'standing by the cross of Jesus were his mother, and his
 mother's sister' (John 19:25). We are nowhere told of a brother. If,
 therefore, Heli had two daughters only, the line, which was always traced
 through the male line, would have died out. The regulations quoted in
 Numbers 27:1-11 and 36:1-9, were that, when daughters only survived, their=

 possessions and their family name required a male relative, or at least
 someone of the same tribe, to carry them on. Even if Joseph was not a (nea=
 relative of Mary, he was one of the line of David, and, in marrying her, h=
 carried on the line of Heli, thus becoming the son [in law] of Heli."
 (JS Wright, /Our Mysterious God/, Marshalls, 1983, p 105)

 The view that Luke's list is Mary's genealogy was held by people such as
 Luther, Bengel, J Lightfoot, Wieseler, Godet, B Weiss, AT Robertson,
 N Geldenhuys and others; maybe as early as the 5th century (Lagrange,
 /Evangile=A0selon St Luc/, p 119. IH Marshall, /The Gospel of Luke/,
 Paternoster=A01978, p 158, attributes the theory to Annius Viterbo (1490).=

 Another view, in FF Bruce & JG Machen, /The Virgin Birth of Christ/, is
 that=A0Matthew gives the line of royal descent (where a sovereign's succes=
 is=A0not always his son) from David to Joseph; whereas Luke gives the natu=
 succession back from Joseph to David and Adam.

 Commenting further, John Wenham /Redating Matthew, Mark and=A0Luke/, Hodde=
 London, 1991, adds "Luke's taking the genealogy back to Adam fits well wit=
 the 'last Adam' theology of his travelling companion Paul (1 Cor 15:45).
 This information about Mary's descent provides a valuable complement,
 theologically as well as historically, to what Matthew has told us" (p216)=


=A0Ben Crick, BA Bristol, 1963 (hons in Theology)
 232 Canterbury Road, Birchington, Kent, CT7 9TD (UK)

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