Re: Thiering Conjecture

From: David McKay (
Date: Wed Jun 18 1997 - 03:39:55 EDT

Nagase wrote:

> Doesn't someone in this list take serious the Thiering Conjecture?
> Barbara Thiering put the conjecture in "Jesus the Man" that
> 'pesher technique' suggested in Dead Sea Scrolls would reveal
> hidden meanigs of NT, concluding that Jesus survived crucifixion,
> married twice, had a family with 3 children, taught in Rome
> and Minor Asia, and live more than 76 years old.
> Her conjecture clarifies, to my seeing, many riddles of
> NT translation into English.

I can't see how it solves any riddles, but I can see how it creates
thousands of problems!

How does she know that the text is not meant to be taken at face value?
I wonder how she interprets her ISP charges? I wonder if she thinks
there is a hidden message that actually the company is about to send her
a cheque?

David McKay

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