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From: Lance Crimm (
Date: Wed Jun 18 1997 - 09:50:36 EDT

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I believe there are other means which are far superior to explaining
come of the English translation conflicts from the GNT. Her
conjecture is certainly ludicrous when examining the facts, both
biblical and extrabiblical such as the records of Josephus the
historian, among others.
Her conjecture would have to be classified as "occult." I say this
since it nullifies the death and resurrection of Christ which is
the very essence of Christianity. Without it we are doomed.
Two wives adds futher to the insane heresy. I recommend steering
away from such ideas and focusing our lives and full attentions
on how we can serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

In His precious name,

Date: 6/18/97 1:28 AM
To: Lance Crimm
From: Nagase
Hello! I'm a freshman in New Testament who is learning
elementary Greek.

Doesn't someone in this list take serious the Thiering Conjecture?

Barbara Thiering put the conjecture in "Jesus the Man" that
'pesher technique' suggested in Dead Sea Scrolls would reveal
hidden meanigs of NT, concluding that Jesus survived crucifixion,
married twice, had a family with 3 children, taught in Rome
and Minor Asia, and live more than 76 years old.

Her conjecture clarifies, to my seeing, many riddles of
NT translation into English.

I wonder many scholars take her conjecture as an occult.


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