re thiering

From: John Oaklands (
Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 10:04:49 EDT

I find one thing especially favorable to Barbara Thiering, her amazing
sense of imagination. Greek doesn't need too much of that.

Seriously, I have done a study of the historical evidences for the Cana
miracle of John 2 as against what Thiering suggests about the passage. It
shows how inaccurate her views are.

As has already been suggested, I think that there is a need for those who
read Thiering only, to read widely from the other authors and the scholars
on the subject of the DSS and pesher etc. I can't accept that the
so-called pesher method involves such outlandish imagination.

It is amazing how that in Australia, as something which I know, Thiering
has caught the interest and fancy of those who want a Thiering-type
christianity, without the supernatural. I think that speaks for itself.


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